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Company Overview


Drawing on over 40 years of demonstrated interest, multiple relevant professional degrees and certifications, and hands-on experience in a variety of settings working with those 55 and better, Diane Lasichak*, Professional Geriatric Care Manager started Active Aging and Care Transitions (AACT)* as owner-manager in 2012. AACT’s work focuses on two ultimately related aspects of senor living: body and mind wellness and informed healthcare planning and decision-making.





AACT provides various wellness programs and trainings (see AACT Services, including possible training offerings). Diane is a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, a certified Ageless Grace Educator, a licensed Memory Trainer with the UCLA Longevity Center’s Memory Programs (including Brain Boot Camp, Memory Fitness and Memory Training), as well as a licensed Nia Technique Teacher (White Belt).

Healthcare Planning


AACT draws on Diane’s extensive and in-depth experience working with seniors in independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and mental health facilities to help individuals and/or their families assess seniors’ physical, psycho-social and functional status, identify possible short-term and longer-term healthcare needs, and then help them know and understand senior healthcare options that can be formulated into workable, informed and easy-to-understand healthcare plans. 


Consulting Services


AACT also provides consultant services in designing, planning, improving, coordinating services, and evaluating wellness and healthcare programs focused primarily on age 55+ adults, as well as training for staff on working with seniors and their family members.




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